Class Information


The Beginners class is by pre-registration only, limited to 10 dogs and handlers, on a first come basis.

You can drop the Registration Form by the building or in the mail with your check for $130 *new price change, effective with the November 20th session* to hold your spot.

(Checks are not deposited until class starts)

Please do not email your form. You can leave it in the mailbox in front of the building, in a sealed envelope with my name on the front. If you leave it in the mailbox, please let me know so I will pick it up.

To REGISTER FOR CLASS please download and mail the following Class Registration form:

Spring 2019 Class Schedule

**There is a wait list for all classes that are full. If you'd like to add your name please contact Pam**

Open Competition w/ Pam 1:30 pm **2 spots open**

Utility Competition w/ Pam 2:30 pm ** 2 spots open**

Novice Competition w/Pam 7:00 pm FULL

Novice Competition w/ Pam 8:00 pm FULL

Open Competition w/ Pam 1:00 pm FULL                                                                                                       

Novice Competition w/ Pam 2:00 pm FULL

                             NEW SESSIONS Cost is $130 

Next Beginners session will start on August 6th at 7 pm FULL

Next CGC session will start on August 6th at 8 pm {need min of 5 to hold this class) 4 spots available

NEW session will start Sept 16th at 7pm  8 spots available

NEW session will start Sept 16th at 8pm  8 spots available


                                         Nose Work Classes

  Please contact Vicki D'Amico at

Open class w Pam 10:00am  (1 spot open)                                                                                                  

Novice competition class with Pam at 11:00 am FULL

Nose Work class 6:00pm                                                                                                                             Advanced Nose Work 7:30pm

FRIDAY                                                                                                                                                                   Utility Competition with Pam 10:00am FULL                                                                                                              

Utility Competition with Pam 11:00am 2 spots available



Rally class with Laurie 1:00pm


PRIVATE LESSONS and IN HOME TRAINING available M-F and occasionally on weekends.  Please email for an appointment! Private lesson fee $85 hr, In home fee $150 hr.